The most basic, beginner CEF level suggests the students can introduce themselves and others, ask and answer some simple questions.

Founded in 1998

The first School of Language opened in New York by Robert Paul and his wife Riana. Robert trained to be a teacherand started his career teaching languages and music to college prep students.


School of language moved to a new building located on French Street. Since then it has opened 8 more in New York, as well as 5 in Europe and 2 in Canada!

Anniversary 2018

School of language celebrated its 20th Anniversary and received a prestigious Award for contribution in creative music development and education.
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Stowarzyszenie Klub Dylematy Mamy i Taty Ul. Ujejskiego 98a 32-400 Myślenice NIP: 681 207 64 85 NR KONTA: 73 1090 2590 0000 0001 4280 8679
Kamienica Obońskich, sala na I piętrze, Rynek 27 Myslenice
+ 48 504 869 511
Każda środa 10:00 - 12:00
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